Employment Opportunities for Teaching Staffs

NYC School Inc. is currently looking for a part-time English teacher with a valid working visa in Japan.

We are located in Kamiooka, 7 minutes flat walk from the station.
It is a small school, but there are students from infants to adults.
Our majority of students are in kindergarten and elementary schools.

You have to be passionate about teaching and be patient with children.
You don’t need a prior experience, but you must be an enthusiastic, talkative, and creative individual.
You should be able to work individually, but also with a team.
Prior experience in teaching is preferred.
Music talent is preferred.
Japanese language skills not necessary.
You need to commit at least one year.
You should have a valid working visa.


We believe that working in teams supports continuity, maximizes teacher strengths, and provides regular opportunities for reflection and peer feedback.

Flexibility, sensitivity, and an ability to industriously work with others are essential characteristics for NYC teachers.

If you are interested, please send your c/v and resume to nyckamiooka@gmail.com (Attn: Yoshiko).