Here are the NYC teachers. Please say Hi to them when you come to the school!


IVAN Sensei is a teacher from New York City. He has been teaching in a number of capacities for nearly 20 years. He currently works as a math teacher for middle school at an international school in Tokyo. He leads and trains other teachers to meet the predetermined goals for our curriculum.


AUSTIN Sensei is from Canada. He has an Engineering degree, so Math is one of his specialties. Some of his favourite things to do are playing many different kinds of sports, especially Badminton, and learning new things. He also loves to talk, a lot. He moved to Japan in 2017 and working on his Japanese everyday. Austin Sensei 's classes are always fun and energetic, and his Eiken classes are very popular as well. The students are learning to write and challenging themselves with more difficult material.


JESSICA Sensei is from the Philippines and she speaks American English. She majored in the Sciences, most notably in Biology. Jessica Sensei has two children and she loves to teach kids. Her children go to a Japanese school, but speak English fluently. She also is a guitarist and enjoys playing heavy metal. Her classes are lively and energetic, and kids feel right at home with her kind demeanour and positive attitude.


ROBERT Sensei is known as Bobby Sensei and he is from Hawaii. He graduated with a Music Composition degree and he loves to play the piano. He also likes to build things and has made numerous lego sets for NYC. He can also play the drums, so some students like to take private lessons for both piano and percussion.